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Michele Raphael


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Clients & Partners


Michele Raphael is a consummate connector of people, ideas and action. She is an incredible and trusted partner in our business ventures and an innovative, talented and dynamic writer, editor and social media ace. I have been fortunate to work alongside her at both the Los Angeles Times and independently. Any company would be lucky to have her — and her energy and vision — on its team.

— Michelle Maltais
Managing Editor, Consumer News
USA Today

Michele Raphael is one of the most versatile veteran journalists I know. She's a quintuple threat: able to write/report in-depth cover stories; run a newsroom; has the deepest of Rolodexes; is a media entrepreneur; has extensive media relations experience. Usually, you are lucky to get someone at her level who can do one of those things, not all five.

We've worked together on multiple projects for three years now and I've come away impressed with her talent, smarts and can-do attitude.

— Sree Sreenivasan
Marshall R. Loeb Professor of Digital Innovation
Stony Brook University

Michele Raphael is an exceptional writer and editor. I’ve been extremely impressed by her social media savvy and networking gifts in the time we’ve worked alongside each other covering the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I recommended her for any position that calls for a vivacious, highly skilled professional in the fields of journalism and communications, and those concerning digital engagement and event planning. Her talents, enthusiasm and drive would be assets to any role.

— Lina Lecaro
Culture Editor
LA Weekly

Since meeting Michele more than six years ago through the Journalism and Women Symposium, I have been consistently impressed by how she has reignited her career. From being awarded a National Press Foundation Fellowship, to helping emerging and established writers get published online, to her active participation in women's writing conferences, to recently co-launching a new literary publication, Michele has proven that her pause for motherhood has not stopped her from continuing to pursue her career as a high-level, professional journalist, writer, editor and social media maven, or from helping others along the way. She is what is called a "super-connector" and embodies the "work-pause-thrive" model that I believe in and write about. Any organization would be fortunate to have Michele on board with her tremendous expertise, human connection and enthusiasm.

— Lisen Stromberg
Work, Pause, Thrive

Michele Raphael has earned a solid reputation based on her knowledge, professionalism, and temperament. She has an extraordinary ability to engage readers and educate them at the same time, which for many is a daunting task. Michele always works above expectations, enjoys challenges, and takes pride in her work, which is reflected in everything she does. She continues to impress me with the way she handles difficult stories, especially those regarding sexual harassment issues, and her dedication to human rights and dignity for all people.

— Honorable Rosemarie E. Aquilina
30th Circuit Court Judge

My fellow 52Feminists honoree Michele Raphael has supported my recent book projects, as well as my work at The Feminist Press at CUNY, and my activist work with Gloria Steinem and others. Michele is a true ally. I have been impressed by both her social media savvy and activism in the #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and more. She is a fiercely dedicated and innovative changemaker, with creative, impactful, and unifying ideas for projects and programs to advance the rights of all women.

— Jamia Wilson
Executive Editor
Random House

Michele Raphael has a touch that rivals Steph Curry’s—for assessing public opinion and influencing public reaction to whatever she champions. Her campaigns are always home runs. Michele’s brilliant PR strategy shaped the success of my last novel, The Queen of Tuesday. She was solely responsible for two television appearances I made, and for “off the book page” coverage in the Daily News and LA Weekly. Now, it’s nearly impossible for a literary novelist to get TV coverage in the best of times. But in this climate? A herculean feat. I don’t know how she did it. Although, I do know. Michele can see the big-picture, and yet not lose sight of the most minute detail. She is meticulous and visionary. I’ll never forget what she was able to do for me.

— Darin Strauss
National Book Critics Circle Award-Winner
Author, The Queen of Tuesday